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Just Long | Top Power | Heat Friendly Synthetic Topper

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Introducing the luxurious Just Long hair topper by Ellen Wille - crafted for those who seek a touch of elegance to enhance their natural beauty. Our exclusive design focuses on providing impeccable coverage for those encountering minimal to medium hair loss in the front, top, or crown areas.

Our unique small base design features a handcrafted monofilament, enabling you to part this magnificent top piece in any direction of your choice. The four lightweight and comfortable clips ensure a secure fit while donning this exquisite addition to your locks.

Indulge in the lavish softness of our Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber, expertly designed to mimic the density of natural hair. The Just Long topper, our longest option at 16.5" in length, boasts a perfectly contoured lace front for a seamless and refined hairline.

Elevate your hair game with Ellen Wille's Just Long hair topper and exude an aura of sophistication and luxury.