Wig Culture

Wig Culture

Hello Hair Honeys,

Today I'm addressing the subject "Wig Culture".  What are wigs? How are they made, and who wears them?  I read an article stating that some French archeologist has found a clay sculpture that leads them to believe that wigs dates back 100,000 years.  That tells me that humans have been conscious of their appearance, or the elements forced them to find covering for their head.  Whatver the case they work to find a solution.  Now, keep in mind that a 100,000 year old wig is significantly different from what we're used to seeing today. 

Thousands of years ago Egyptians wore wigs made of human hair, wool, and mud...yes mud!  It makes you wonder why they would do that since they would shave their heads to eliminate lice and to stay cool in the desert heat.  My research showed me that there isn't a culture that hasn't utilized wigs in their time.  As a matter of fact, there isn't a culture today that doesn't sport wigs, and now more that ever. 

Past history shows that only the aristocrats could afford wigs, now, buying a wig is very common and affordable for everyone.  Wigs are worn for many reasons such as medical wigs for patients who have lost their hair to medical issues, women and men who lost their hair to aging, a bad hair, cut, or wanting a new look, but don't want to cut your hair.  There are as many reasons as there are people to wear them.    

It's so easy to wake up, put on a wig and go.  Wigs mean no bad hair days!  You can look like you just left the salon without lifting a finger to your hair.  That's what women and men want, especially with their busy schedules.  Human hair wigs are the most expensive, while new synthetic fibers are manufatured to look and feel like human hair, but less expensive.  My personal preference is human hair, with a film & swiss lace base, and fully hand tied one strand at a time.  I love to styling my wigs and even though there are heat styleable synthetic wigs, they still have limitations that human hair don't.

Not only can you buy any kind of style, but also any color.  Wigs come in every color of the rainbow.  I must admit that it's a lot of fun wearing hair the same color as your outfit, not to mention all eyes will be on you, so you better work it! I will talk about how wigs are made and how to properly care for a wig in the seond part of my Wig Culture blog. In my close I want to say that you don't need a reason to wear wigs today.  No matter the cost, It's the way to see yourself looking and feeling better, and isn't that what life is all about.

Until next time, may God keep you!