It's been said that "If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life". This is exactly how I feel when I open the door at Hair Extension Connection. I love being able to give women and men beautiful hair beyond her wildest dreams. Selecting the right method, matching the correct color and texture, along with meticulous application makes for flawless hair replacements and hair extensions. You can enjoy hair extensions up to six months and with proper care, the hair extensions can be worn again. Wigs and toppers can be worn indefinitely depending on the care.

I don't offer every method of hair extensions and hair replacements available in today's market because risking damage to make money or to help a client save money is something I just won't do! Far too often I've met with woman in tears having had that experience. Hair is very intimate to me and with a single strand all there is to know about a human being can be revealed. It is my goal to help women and men maintain the integrity of their natural hair while maintaining the integrity of my business.

Hair Extension Connection has a full service spa. Providing the same quality service for the face and body.  

Now we have an online store with thousands of brand name wigs, toppers, and hair extensions to choose from.

OUR SALON IS COMPLETELY PRIVATE! Your comfort and peace of mind is important to us. We are San Diego's leading non-surgical hair replacement salon. Call and come in for the pampering you need and desire. You're worth it!

P.S. Due to the sensitive nature of the services provided, and the privacy polices for medical hair loss patients, there are no before and after photos.

Amanda Ji.