Dinair Rechargable

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The Dinair Pro Rechargeable runs unplugged and cord-free. Enjoy the freedom to do makeup anywhere, anytime.
The Pro Rechargeable is designed for full face and body makeup, tanning, root cover, hair highlights, and more.
From brides, photo-shoots, special events, or that everyday look - the possibilities are absolutely endless with this kit.
Your second selection option: Custom select 10 shades from a wide range of makeup shades and lines. A popular choice with people that already know their Dinair colors.

The Pro Rechargeable compressor has our proprietary airflow control dial. Select the airflow you want to create the most beautiful and nuanced professional looks. And Dinair self-cooling technology enables us to run intermittently all day without overheating. To extend the life of the battery charge (and reduce dry tip), be sure to turn off your compressor when not applying makeup. Simply tap the center of the dial to turn off and tap the center of the dial to resume spaying, at the same level. ​