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Your favorite go-to style is now available in a fully hand-tied top! Smooth, straight and beautifully natural-looking, this angle-cut page has no permatease and can be parted wherever you like.

Temple-to-temple sheer lace front
Hand-tied top
Velvet-lined ear tabs
Velvet-lined extended nape
Resilient stretch material throughout the cap base for a custom-like fit
Ultra-thin adjusters at the nape for a personalized fit
Gabor Luminous colors

Cap Size: Average

Front: 4¼”

Crown: 10”

Sides: 7½”

Back: 9½”

Nape: 5¾”

Color Shown: GL6-30 Mahogany


GL 2-6 Black Coffee

GL2-6 Black Coffee

GL 4-8 Dark Chocolate

GL4-8 Dark Chocolate

GL 6-30 Mahogany

GL6-30 Mahogany

GL 8-10 Dark Chestnut

GL8-10 Dark Chestnut

GL 8-29 Hazelnut

GL8-29 Hazelnut

GL 10-12 Sunlit Chestnut

GL10-12 Sunlit Chestnut

GL 10-14 Walnut

GL10-14 Walnut

GL 11-25 Honey Pecan

GL11-25 Honey Pecan

GL 12-14 Mocha

GL12-14 Mocha

GL 12-16 Golden Walnut

GL12-16 Golden Walnut

GL 14-16 Honey Toast

GL14-16 Honey Toast

GL 14-22 Sandy Blonde

GL14-22 Sandy Blonde

GL 15-26 Buttered Toast

GL15-26 Buttered Toast

GL 16-27 Buttered Biscuit

GL16-27 Buttered Biscuit

GL18-23 Toasted Pecan

GL18-23 Toasted Pecan

GL 23-101 Sunkissed Beige

GL23-101 Sunkissed Beige

GL 27-22 Caramel

GL27-22 Caramel

GL 27-29 Chocolate Caramel

GL27-29 Chocolate Caramel

GL 29-31 Rusty Auburn

GL29-31 Rusty Auburn

GL30-32 Dark Copper

GL30-32 Dark Copper

GL 33-130 Sangria

GL33-130 Sangria