American Hairlines

Virtual Skin (Salon Only)

American Hairlines

Virtual Skin


Made with ultra clear and thin polyurethane, Virtual Skin is a lightweight, flexible system that offers a modern look and natural feel. The front hairline is created with 1” of V-Looping in a staggered pattern for the most natural “noknot” appearance. The rest of the system has a micro knot design to give the hair height, volume and fashionable style.


100% Human Hair

Size: 8” x 10” (may be reduced)

Style: Freestyle

Hair Lengths: 4” – 6”

Density: Medium Light

Wave Pattern: 30mm

Construction: 100% Hand-Crafted

Suggested Grafts: 6 Annually

Venting Method:
Micro Knots and V-Looped